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How to resolve Duplicate Customer data? - Knowledgebase / General - Deployteq Support

How to resolve Duplicate Customer data?

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If there are duplicate records in your database, our Technical Project Management department can perform a database cleanup for you.

Duplicate records in the database can be for many reasons. That is why it is important to identify and remove the cause before we perform deduplication. If this is not done, duplicate records can quickly reappear in the database.

Deduplication is a process in which our developers build, run, and monitor a script that searches for duplicate records in the database. These duplicate records must be recognized on the basis of a specific field, the same field that is also deduplicated during an import. If one or more duplicate records are found, the data will have to be merged.

Because it can happen that data is present in both records, it must be determined which record is leading. Often, the leading record is determined by the creation date or the date the record was last edited. The records are then merged, meaning that information is completed, but also that an empty field in the leading record does not overwrite a filled field in the next record.

If you are interested in the above, please contact our support desk via the options below. Your question will then be forwarded to our Technical Project Management department, who will provide you with a quote and further information.