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Campaign displays a 'Scheduled date/time' notification on launch

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The moment your Campaign is completely finished and tested, you should start it. At the top right of the Campaign Designer you will find the 'Start Campaign' button. CanopyDeploy can give the following message:

What does this message mean?

All Start Objects within a campaign have their own start time. If this time is in the past, these objects are executed immediately. This means, for example, that customers are immediately selected and an email is sent to them.

The moment you create a new campaign, the start date is automatically set to the "time of creation" of the campaign. In our example, the campaign start date is 01-01-2022 at 13:37. Then you will design and build the campaign.

When you then start the campaign, all Start Objects with a timer will start running. This notification shows as a warning to make you aware that a 'Start on Time', 'Start Periodic' and/or 'Bucket' object may use the campaign start date and if it is in the past, these objects will be performed immediately.

Do you want to check on which date/time the campaign start is set? Then click on "Settings" within the toolbar of the Campaign Designer: