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Google Analytics Integration

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CanopyDeploy offers the possibility to integrate with Google Analytics.


Documentation for the Google Analytics integration can be found here: Google Analytics Conversion.

Activating feature

This feature is not enabled for some brands. You can activate this feature for free as follows:

  1. In the main menu, go to Administration -> Brands
  2. Select the brand you want to enable Google Analytics for
  3. Under the 'Preferences' tab, select 'Integration with Google Analytics'
  4. Click on 'Save' at the top left

Conversions can then of course be measured via Google Analytics by using Google Analytics UTM tags. UTM tags can be added to zone mail clickthroughs within CanopyDeploy. You do this by going to the Clickthroughs tab in the email and clicking on a clickthrough. A Details window opens at the bottom, in which you can add the settings under the heading Google Analytics.

Mandatory fields

There are 3 UTM tags that are required to get Google Analyticts working, these are:

  • Campaign
  • Content
  • Medium

CanopyDeploy will not add any UTM values if these three fields are not used.