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How do I test a campaign? - Knowledgebase / Content / Campaigns - Deployteq Support

How do I test a campaign?

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Before you put a campaign live, it is necessary to test it first. This way you can be sure that everything goes as you want and that there are no errors.

Here are some useful tips to test your campaign:

  1. Check the names of your objects where necessary. Are there multiple objects with the same names? Adjust the names so that you can see exactly where you end up in your campaign.
  2. Add yourself as a customer and let yourself go through the entire campaign. You can also do this with colleagues.
  3. Set an override on your email objects so that only the test email address is emailed. You can then check whether this object is triggered and whether the e-mail arrives.
  4. Test your Campaign with multiple 'customers' so that you can go through all possible scenarios (for example when you have variations in your mail or when a split in a group of customers has to be made).
  5. Apply checkpoint objects in your campaign so that you can see via Analytics whether customers come along this path.