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How do Tags work? - Knowledgebase / General - Deployteq Support

How do Tags work?

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Deployteq Tags provide the opportunity to gain insight into the click behavior of the recipient. You can add one or more tags to each link in emails you build. These tags match the subject of the link in the email. If a recipient has clicked several times on a link with the same tag, that person is probably interested in that topic and you can start a personalized campaign.

Each click on a link with a Tag is worth three points (the 'weight'). If the recipient clicks again in a later email and the relevant tag already exists for that customer, the existing weight is simply increased by three points. Within Profiles, customers can be selected who have a minimum weight for a specific Tag, within a defined period. The set weight therefore determines the minimum number of clicks (eg: 12 points = 4 clicks).

ℹ️ Deployteq Tags are unrelated to Google Analytics UTM Tags, these are separate tags. 

ℹ️ At this moment it is not possible to apply Tags to Objects and Object Variations.