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Share IP address for whitelisting - Knowledgebase / Getting Started - Deployteq Support

Share IP address for whitelisting

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Some CanopyDeploy portals use IP Whitelisting to restrict access. This means that only specific IPs can access that portal within CanopyDeploy.

If you log in from a new location (home, different office, new internet provider, on the road) it is possible that the IP is not yet on the whitelist of Team ITG. You must share the IP with us.

ℹ️ You can find your IP at:

The IP address is at the top of the website. You must pass this address on to Team ITG.

⚠️ Note: an external IP address will never start with:

  • 0.0.*
  • 10.*
  • 127.0.*
  • 172.16.*
  • 192.168.*
  • 198.51.*
  • 203.0.*

These are reserved IP addresses which can't be used for whitelisting. Double check the address with the site mentioned earlier.