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When can a customer record be emailed or not? - Knowledgebase / General - Deployteq Support

When can a customer record be emailed or not?

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A customer record in Deployteq has several properties that determine whether or not that record can be mailed.

The following is about the shipping process of Deployteq and is therefore completely independent of how the customer selection for the shipment was made (profile, group, CSV trigger, customization) and how the shipment is carried out (Campaign or Quickmail). The sending process looks at the properties below and determines based on that whether or not the customer record will be emailed.

May be mailed

The following three properties cover whether or not a customer record may be mailed:

  • Opt-in (email)

This is the general consent field. This field determines whether the customer has given permission to send bulk broadcasts. A bulk broadcasts is a mailing where you send 1 email content to multiple customers, whether it is 2 or 200,000. If this field is set to "No", Deployteq will never bulk send to this customer record.

Important: Deployteq does not differentiate between the content type of the email content (service message, newsletter, etc.): once a send of an email content goes to more than 1 customer, it is considered a bulk send and the status of the Opt-in (email) field is taken into account.

  • Status

this field determines the general status of the customer record itself. Is it a case of doubt (suspect), a potential customer (prospect), an actual customer (customer), or someone who may not be emailed (blacklist). If this field is set to "blacklist", no email content will be sent to this record via bulk send.

  • Complaint

Sometimes, a customer dislikes your email. The customer may then choose to indicate in his or her email client to mark the received email as a Spam mail. In that case, we receive a so-called "Complaint" from certain mailbox providers. A complaint indicating by the receiving email provider that they do not want such email content to be sent to that email address in the future. We then register this complaint by increasing the complaint counter by 1, setting the opt-in (email) to No and setting the status to "Blacklist".

Can be mailed

The following two properties cover whether or not a customer record can be mailed:

  • Hard bounce / Soft bounce

Failure to deliver an email content to a customer record will result in a bounce. The term "bounce" comes from the fact that the email content "bounces back" from the receiving email provider to Deployteq. Depending on the reason it 'bounces back' (eg because the e-mail address does not exist, or because the mailbox is full) it is determined whether it is a hard bounce or a soft bounce.

If a customer record has 1 or more hard bounces, it can no longer be emailed. The same does not apply to the soft bounces: In addition, a customer record with 4 soft bounces can still be emailed. Only when it becomes 5 the record can no longer be emailed.

Soft bounces

Important: 5 soft bounces do not automatically become 1 hard bounce. These are two separate statuses.

  • Marital status

If this field is set to "Deceased" we choose to no longer email that customer record. This means that records with a "Deceased" marital status will not be included in bulk mailings. 


There is a major exception to the five properties above: 

If the sending process sends 1 e-mail content to 1 single customer record, then there is a so-called "single-mail". And in that case, the five properties above are ignored. The reason for this is that typical single-mails, such as order confirmations, forgotten password emails, or registration confirmations, should always be able to be sent. Single-mails are usually sent ad-hoc, i.e. when the customer initiates an action himself, so they are not planned in advance in large numbers.

But if there is more than 1 customer in the selection, regardless of how this selection was made, the above exception does not apply.