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When do I use the 'In Profile' object in a campaign? - Knowledgebase / Content / Campaigns - Deployteq Support

When do I use the 'In Profile' object in a campaign?

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The 'In Profile' object works essentially the same as the 'Apply Condition' object. In the first, however, it is checked whether someone meets the conditions set in a profile. Within profiles it is possible to set up more complex selections/conditions compared to the Apply condition object.

When can you use the object?

You choose the profile that someone must meet. You can use this, for example, if someone fills in a form (so you have no influence on the selection), you check the profile to see whether someone has an order in the past month and continue the flow based on the answer.

Outputs of the object are:

  • Continue
  • OnMatch (is in profile)
  • OnFail (not in profile)

⚠️ The complete profile is calculated for everyone passing through this object. With complex profiles, this can have a negative impact on the performance of your campaign.