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What is an API?

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What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to connect systems and software with each other, by using an 'entrance' to the system. This input allows different systems to communicate with each other and exchange data.

How does an API connection work?

If two systems need to communicate with each other, the system uses an API to address the other system. The necessary data is then exchanged via the API. An API can be developed completely flexibly. That means there are practically no limits to how open you want to 'open the door'.

Webservice remote API

If two systems have to 'speak' to each other via the internet, this is often done through a web service. Web services are remote APIs. Usually this API can be requested via a specific URL which then returns an XML or JSON format. An example of a web service is Via the link you will find an XML description of the weather in the Netherlands. You can therefore develop an application based on this that reads the weather via this API and displays it graphically in your own application.

Deployteq API's

Deployteq offer three different API's:

  • SOAP API - Working with customer data, content, retrieving data from Deployteq - Documentation.
  • REST API Datamodel - Creating and editing data in Data model - Documentation.
  • REST API Webhook - One-way Data Sync to Deployteq - Documentation.